80 percent satisfaction Eenadu 16-11-201880 percent satisfaction Jyothy 16-11-2018



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16112018-VJA-D01.qxd16112018-VJA-D01.qxd16112018-AGT-D20.qxdKSL#TH#16-11-2018#Vijayawada#EPaper#Front_Pg#1#cciKSL#TH#16-11-2018#Vijayawada#EPaper#Regional_01#1#cciF1H2O Advt The Hindu

VIJAYAWADA (ANDHRA PRADESH) 15/11/2018: Folk artists led a road show of the F1H2O powerboats that were showcased by the Tourism Department on the eve of the Grand Prix in Krishna River, on Bandar Road in Vijayawada on Thursday. Photo: V RAJU / The Hindu

F1H20 All set for race 16-11-2018F1H20 Boats Road Show Jyothy 16-11-2018F1H20 Boats Show Jyothy 16-11-2018F1H20 race arrangements Prabha 16-11-2018F1H20 race Prabha contd 16-11-2018F1H20 race Prabha 16-11-2018F1H20 Race Boats 16-11-2018F1H20 DC 16-11-2018F1H20 DC clip 16-11-2018F1H20 Eenadu clip 16-11-2018F1H20 Nede Telugu Clip 16-11-2018

F1H2O 16th to 18th Nov 2018 Poster Advt.jpg

Differently Abled Children Sports Eenadu 16-11-2018Differently Abled Children Sports Eenadu Photos 16-11-2018Differently Abled Children Sports Jyothy 16-11-2018Differently Abled Children Sports Prajasakti 16-11-2018Differently Abled Children Sports Sakshi 16-11-2018

Differently Abled Children Sports The Hindu 16-11-2018.jpgDifferently Abled Children Sports Visalandhra 16-11-2018

DSC Coaching Eenadu 16-11-2018DSC Coaching Jyothy 16-11-2018Funds to MUDA Eenadu 16-11-2018House Sites Clip 16-11-2018House Sites Prabha Clip 16-11-2018House Sites Visalandhra Clip 16-11-2018Inner Ring Road Eenadu 16-11-2018Inner Ring Road Eenadu contd 16-11-2018Lady Amples College Golden Jubilee Eenadu 16-11-2018LED Lights DC 16-11-2018Sagar Water Jyothy 16-11-2018UG Drain Pothepalli Eenadu 16-11-2018Ullipalem Development Eenadu News Clip 16-11-2018Ullipalem Development News Clip 16-11-2018Ullipalem News Clip 16-11-2018

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