Anganwadi : Rural Mother and Child Care Centre

Atkuru Model Anganwadi.jpg

Anganwadi : Rural Mother and Child Care Centre

Anganwadi is a type of rural mother and child care centre in India that were started by the Indian government in 1975 as part of the Integrated Child Development Services program to combat child hunger and malnutrition. A part of the Indian public health care system, these Anganwadi centres provide basic health care in Indian villages. Basic health care activities include contraceptive counseling and supply, nutrition education and supplementation, as well as pre-school activities. These centres provide supplementary nutrition, non-formal pre-school education, nutrition and health education, immunization, rehydration salts, basic medicines, health check-up and referral services of which later three services are provided in convergence with public health systems.

Model AnganWadi Centre - Atkuru News Clip Jyothy 13-07-2018.jpg

Anganwadi centre developed by Krishna dist administration stands as an example - Times of India.jpg


AnganWadi Atkur Photos 10AnganWadi Atkur Photos 01.jpegAnganWadi Atkur Photos 03AnganWadi Atkur Photos 04.jpegAnganWadi Atkur Photos 06AnganWadi Atkur Photos 07AnganWadi Atkur Photos 09AnganWadi Atkur Photos 08.jpegAnganWadi Atkur Photos 11


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