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Warm welcome:Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair being received by Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu at the Secretariat on Monday.  The Hindu Clip

Tony Blair bowled over by governance centre

‘My organisation ready to work hand in hand with A.P.’

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair showered praise on the State government after paying a visit to Real-Time Governance (RTG) Centre at the Secretariat on Monday.

“The RTG Centre is amazing. The services offered to the people from here are indeed impressive. I am happy to hear that the Andhra Pradesh government is using big data in digital governance. The government has brought in revolutionary changes in administration and governance,” he said.

Mr. Blair said that the RTG showcases how the government functionaries can achieve good results with the help of technology. Digital governance and big data analytics were now the need of the hour.

It was heartening to see that A.P. was making rapid strides, he said and promised that his not-for-profit organisation would extend its full cooperation and support in the development of A.P.

Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu met him at Singapore in April last year. At that meeting, Mr. Blair outlined the work that his organisation had been doing since its inception in late 2016 and explained how A.P. could benefit from the partnership, especially in the context of the efforts being made to rebuild the State from scratch post-bifurcation.

Mr. Naidu invited him to visit the State to see for himself how it was moving ahead by clearing the hurdles in its path one by one.

Explaining about the RTG Society, the Chief Minister said, “Perhaps nowhere in the world, this kind of unique initiative and establishment is there. The RTGS is the integration of all departments on a single platform.”

The government could plug leakages in the welfare schemes and thus saving public money, he said.

Weather prediction

The Andhra Pradesh Weather Forecasting and Early Warning Research Centre (AWARE), a division of RTG, is another best example how this government has been effectively utilising the technology during disasters.

AWARE had accurately predicted the landfall of the Titli and Phethai cyclones. It helped the government minimise the damage, he said.

IT and Panchayat Raj Minister N. Lokesh, Chief Secretary Anil Chandra Puneta, and RTGS CEO Babu. A were among those present.

Mr. Blair undertook the visit on behalf of his policy think-tank Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (TBIGC).

The institution is currently tied up with more than 200 institutions of higher learning in India.


janmabhoomi at mushtikuntla village news clip 08-01-2019

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janmabhoomi at mushtikuntla village prajasakti news clip 08-01-2019janmabhoomi at mushtikuntla village sena clip 08-01-2019janmabhoomi at mushtikuntla village vartaprabha clip 08-01-2019janmabhoomi at mushtikuntla village visalandhra clip 08-01-2019janmabhoomi at mushtikuntla village visalandhra news clip 08-01-2019

bala sanjeevanibandar road expansion jyothy 08-01-2019janmabhoomi innovative grievances resolution with sweets bhoomijanmabhoomi innovative grievances resolution with sweets prabhanewsjanmabhoomi innovative grievances resolution with sweets sena newsjanmabhoomi innovative grievances resolution with sweetsjanmabhoomi innovative

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Janmabhoomi: sweet offer to petitioners

District Collector B. Lakshmikantham said that citizens who get their problems solved at the Janmabhumi programme will be presented with sweets along with the grievance redress certificate in the district.

At a review meeting on the programme, Mr. Lakshmikantham asked the officials concerned to issue the certificate along with sweets at the doorstep of the citizen. He asked officials to take up the grievances with the utmost care and solve them as early as possible.

national award to asha workers news clip 08-01-2019pensions for all eligible applicants

britain past president welcomed at vga airport photo

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