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The Hindu : VIJAYAWADA, DECEMBER 10, 2018

Chandranna gift hampers getting ready

District Collector B. Lakshmikantham has said that the Chandranna Christmas and Sankranti gift hampers consisting provisions will be given to all the 12.95 lakh white card holders in the district.

Mr. Lakshmikantham,who visited the Gollapudi market yard, asked the officials concerned to ensure proper quality and quantity of the goods.

Graduate Voters Eenadu 10-12-2018

Graduate Voters contd Eenadu 10-12-2018Health Care Eenadu 2 10-12-2018Health Care Eenadu 10-12-2018Health Care Eenadu contd 10-12-2018Health Care Jyothy 10-12-2018Health Care No SwineFlu Bhoomi 10-12-2018Health Care No SwineFlu Bhoomi contd 10-12-2018Health Care No SwineFlu Prajasakti 1 10-12-2018Health Care No SwineFlu Prajasakti 2 10-12-2018Health Care No SwineFlu Prajasakti 10-12-2018Health Care No SwineFlu Sakshi 1 10-12-2018Health Care No SwineFlu Sakshi 10-12-2018

Health Care No SwineFlu The Hans India 10-12-2018Health care


Steps taken to prevent spread of swine flu virus

The Krishna district authorities on Sunday swung into action to prevent the spread of swine flu virus following the death of a person on December 5 at Chintakolla village in Krishna district. District Medical and Health Officer T.V.S.N. Sastry told The Hindu that P. Nancharaiah, 43, had died of swine flu while undergoing treatment in Vijayawada. “Medical tests have been conducted for all the nearly 80 families in the village,” added Mr. Sastry. The villagers had been alerted about the virus and preventive measures taken. Collector B. Lakshmikatnam said the Medical and Health and the Revenue departments had been deployed to create awareness and given access to commodities.

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The Hindu : VIJAYAWADA, DECEMBER 10, 2018

Kondapalli forest to host global adventure sports meet in Jan.

Appaji Reddem

Kondapalli Forest Trecking Photo.jpg

A file photo of youngsters rappelling under the watchful guidance of experts at Kondapalli.

Inauguration of Fort Festival, Butterfly Park to coincide with festival

Buoyed by the success of the recent F1H2O international boat racing event and the air show over the Krishna in Vijayawada, the State government is planning to organise international competitions in rock climbing, rappelling and other such adventure sports in the Kondapalli forest region.

The competitions will be a part of the Kondapalli Adventure Festival that the government is planning to hold in January, according to Krishna District Collector B. Lakshmikantham.

“We initially wanted to conduct it as a national event in December but later wanted it to be an international one in January. We are inviting contestants from abroad, mostly from South East Asian countries,” Mr. Lakshmikantham said.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu will be inaugurating the event which is likely to be held on January 20 and 21.

Wide range of activities

The Kondapalli forest, spread across 30,000 acres, is located in Ibrahimpatnam, 23 km from Vijayawada. The place is famous for its eponymous fort, waterfalls, lush greenery and the world-renowned wooden painted toys of the same name.

The adventure sport competitions include rock climbing, trekking, zorbing, zummering, and zipping (from one hill to another), according to sources. Participants will be provided accommodation and food at the venue on both days. At present, the government is making arrangements for air-conditioned tents and food stalls besides decking up the forest road, according to the Collector.

The government expects the number of participants to be close to 500, including over 100 from Vijayawada. The event is being jointly organised by the Forest and Tourism departments and the Krishna district administration.

Annual affair

Along with the international event, the forest region will witness the inauguration of a Butterfly Park and Kondapalli Fort Festival in January. The Kondapalli Khilla Festival is an annual affair and the government has put in extra efforts this year to beautify the fort, roads and other facilities at the venue. The Butterfly Park, which is being developed by the forest department, will be an additional attraction in the forest. Over 52 species of butterflies have been identified in the forest as per government records.

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