Formula 1 Powerboat racing (F1H2O) in Krishna River Vijayawada

16th, 17th & 18th November 2018


F1H2O Amravati Grand Prix.jpg



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16112018-VJA-D01.qxd16112018-VJA-D01.qxd15-Nov-2018 F1H2O Boats Road Show Jyothy Clip 1 16-11-201815-Nov-2018 F1H2O Boats Road Show Jyothy Clip 2 16-11-201815-Nov-2018 F1H2O Boats Road Show Jyothy Clip 16-11-201816112018-AGT-D20.qxd

KSL#TH#16-11-2018#Vijayawada#EPaper#Front_Pg#1#cciKSL#TH#16-11-2018#Vijayawada#EPaper#Regional_01#1#cciF1H2O Advt The HinduPICF1H20 All set for race 16-11-2018F1H20 Boats Road Show Jyothy 16-11-2018F1H20 Boats Show Jyothy 16-11-2018F1H20 race arrangements Prabha 16-11-2018F1H20 Race Boats 16-11-2018F1H20 race Prabha 16-11-2018F1H20 race Prabha contd 16-11-2018F1H20 DC 16-11-2018F1H20 DC clip 16-11-2018F1H20 Eenadu clip 16-11-2018F1H20 Nede Telugu Clip 16-11-2018



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Intl Boat Race Eenadu 11-11-2018.jpg

Intl Boat Race Jyothy 1 11-11-2018

Intl Boat Race Jyothy 11-11-2018

Intl Boat Race Prabha 2 11-11-2018

Intl Boat Race Sakshi 11-11-2018

F1H2O Amravati Grand Prix - Business Standard 01-Nov-2018.jpg

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